Welcome to Webotics! We are a diversely talented team of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned engineers with one common Vision: Realtime Internet.


We nurtured this vision together through many years, half dozen companies and countless web projects. We secretly hoped that web technologies would magically evolve and the progression to real-time web architecture would follow naturally. Despite all the necessary technological advancements, that day never came. That‘s when we knew we had to take matters into our own hands and we’ve set out on our own quest to build a series of disruptive Internet products that will demonstrate that there are no bounds to the creative possibilities unlocked by real-time web applications. With our products, we hope to spark the second wave of Internet innovation. We think the world is ready for the next chapter of Internet revolution – Real-time web is here!

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Use twitter to enter a draw to win a $10k custom app on any platform for you or your company!

Got a hard project?

Do you have a challenging web project that needs a realtime architecture or a fast track to other platforms?

Our Research

We are exploring a new generation of real-time web development technologies that can help businesses and consumers to build sophisticated web applications in record time. Our R&D team works day and night to get us closer to unveiling a revolutionary technology that will change web development forever. Imagine a tool that will drastically reduce the cost of ownership of web applications while improving user experience and accelerating time to market. Join our beta and let’s leverage the potential of the web together to build beyond the desktop for the next generation of web users.

Our Research

We were online before there even was an Internet. We saw the Web evolve from dial-in bulletin boards (BBS) to global social networks like Facebook and Twitter. We dabbled in the first wave of Internet innovation, but for most of us, it has passed before our eyes. In 2009 we were suddenly awakened as demand for multiplatform applications has surged and we instantly knew that the web was ready for the second wave, ready to evolve into something even greater. Webotics was born because we were tired of waiting for commercial web development technologies to catch up with our vision of the Internet and our development needs.

What We Do

We are working on a revolutionary development tool that will solve many of the platform fragmentation that we see on the web today. Until our platform is ready for beta testing you can contact our consulting team to find out how we can immediately help you leverage your IT investment and deploy your application cost effectively on the web, SalesForce.com, Facebook, iPhone, Blackberry and Android.